Jackson Kayak Sales Team Rocks Ecuador


Just finished our season in Ecuador and looking forward to another fun season with our British Columbia operation Endless Adventure on the Slocan River in the West Kootenays.

For one of our last trips Endless Ecuador had the pleasure of hosting the sales team at Jackson Kayak for a jam packed week of paddling and camaraderie in the lush mountains and rivers of Ecuador.

Thanks to team member Sean Morley for putting together a blog with a video of a run on Sardinas Grande!  Check it out!


Highlights of the trip include:



Jake form Michigan tackling the exotic rivers in an Inflatable Kayak.

Paddling the Sardinas Grande at REAL grande water levels.


An overnighter on the Hollin river, that starts with a twenty foot waterfall with optimal water levels and beautiful weather for a uninterrupted sleep in the jungle.

JK_fly_fishingJK_marty_cosanga_boofJK_sean_morleyThe Cosanga river run of the upper and lower sections with medium high water levels.

JK_bottoms_upLong nights in the new Cave of the Ponderosa with fire roasted meals and late night cocktails.JK_fire_chicken

Cruising the Amazonica Zoo in Tena with playful monkeys and giant boa snakes.

Soaking in the Papallacta Hot Springs at almost 4000 metres.

JK_sean_radd_abbyAll said and done the trip was one of the most memorable trip we have experienced at Endless.  The crew brought positive energy to the scene on and off river. Meal times were full of laughter and cheer as the tight crew shared their experiences from the past days and excitement grew anticipating the adventure to come.  A special shout out to Marty Cronin for tirelessly assembling the crew that would rock the foundations of La Ponderosa and cement a tradition of JK paddlers dominating the rivers of Ecuador.




About Chris Ryman

Followed my passion for whitewater kayaking to British Columbia where my family and I operate Endless Adventure, a rafting, SUP, and kayaking storefront and outdoor adventure centre. My passion led me to Ecuador for endless boofs and hosting amazing people in a kayakers paradise.