Ecuador River Beta



Since I first started paddling in Ecuador I was amazed at the number of quality river runs of all levels and styles.  Looking at a topo map of the country is like a spider web of endless paddling possibilities.  From the Quijos Valley with almost eighty kilometres of  whitewater to the Napo Valley  with it’s warm jungle paddling,  Ecuador is the place to bring your boof stroke and let’r rip.  It’s hard to believe there is actually any time to write anything while in Ecuador with the temptation of sick paddling EVERYWHERE but from time to time I have a chance to sit down with a cup of jo and share my experiences.  I will continue to write river beta blogs as I  find the time this season, below are a few from previous years…


The Quijos Valley


The Tena River


The Hollin River


The Upper Misahualli


The Papallacta River

Hammer Boof_Urcusiqui

The Upper Jondachi

Stay Tuned for my upcoming blog on Baños area rivers.  Endless Adventure International will  be offering special trips to this kayaking wonderland this 2013/14 season.










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Followed my passion for whitewater kayaking to British Columbia where my family and I operate Endless Adventure, a rafting, SUP, and kayaking storefront and outdoor adventure centre. My passion led me to Ecuador for endless boofs and hosting amazing people in a kayakers paradise.