At Endless Adventure International we value the rich culture of the Ecuadorian people. As our guest you will be given the chance to experience this.

Since our first year operating tours in Ecuador we have made it a priority to learn more about the wonderful people of Ecuador. From our first annual Borja Rivers Day to our ongoing Youth Development Program, we try to give back to a culture that has so much to offer.  Every year we host a celebration of rivers for the surrounding community of Borja introducing kayaking and rafting to children and adults of all ages. Imagine a fiesta with music, local food, and free kayak clinics for hundreds of Ecuadorians and some of our guests mingling and dancing in the language of laughter.


Our guests will also be given the opportunity to assist or observe our weekly Youth Program that teaches local children how to kayak and enjoy the waterways of Ecuador.

Our commitment to education of youth also spans to the local schools. Each trip we visit schools giving them much needed supplies and a chance for them to ask us questions about our culture. Expect to receive some warm hugs and bright smiles.


There is no “compound” at the Ponderosa River Lodge, we encourage you to visit the local town and experience Ecuador first hand. On every tour we try to include visits to local events such as beauty pageants, parades, fairs, and even the odd (non kill) bull fighting match. After all what is the point of visiting a country and not really experiencing its amazing land and people.


Endless Adventure International has and always will be committed to respecting the culture of Ecuador and sharing that experience with our guests. If you want to enjoy more than just the country’s rivers and have a better understanding of the real Ecuador visit us and benefit from our years of giving back to the community.