Jondachi Fest 2017

Save the Rio Jondachi, support the fest!

The Third Annual Jondachi Fest takes place on Thursday January 19th to Sunday January 22nd. The festival starts off with a registration and social on the Thursday evening for competitors and volunteers to sign up.  Friday is race day on the Upper Jondachi, traditionally paddlers will meet at Urcu Sici to warm up and enjoy the fun tributary creek to the Upper Jondachi.   Day two takes on a kayaking/rafting retreat down the lower Jondachi to Hollin river where participants will paddle into camp at Bella Selva for a social overnighter and music.

Last year the event showcased an incredible amount of support for the river and Ecuador whitewater.  The extreme race took place just below the first bridge on the Upper Jondachi to a few kilometres downstream with times of around 6 minutes on average  and athletes from all over the world came out to support.  That night the crew celebrated the event with a gourmet meal and dance party.  The next day paddlers met up for a massive group paddle on the Middle Jondachi, Lower Jondachi to the lower Hollin.  Some paddlers distanced almost 50 kilometres to join the crew at the take out.    The group overnighter was attended by over sixty paddlers in rafts. kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. Bonfires, music, dinner, and celebration was in the air to pay respect the the beautiful free flowing river.


For Full SCHEDULE CLICK HERE   Events start as early as Monday January 10th.


Stay Tuned for the next upcoming festival and race on the threatened Pia Tua Saturday January 28th 2017.


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Paddler: Mikkel St. Jean Duncan. Photo: Andres Reyes


Paddler: Hammer on Urcu Sici (trib to Jondachi) Photo: Randy Speers


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